Our learning curve is getting so huge! We decided to cut our long-drive days down by making a few more stops to give poor Frank a rest!


We stopped in Buffalo, WY., for the night. Our 3 hr 45 min drive ended up being close to 6 hrs!  But the campground (Deer Park Campground) is beautiful!  While checking in they told us there would be an Ice Cream social at 8pm in the club house — so, we went!  (After another day of record breaking temps) we enjoyed the ice cream, met 2 awesome couples, and shared some tips and stories!

Tomorrow we will be off to (Rushmore Shadows Campground).  Hopefully, we will get to see Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, and all the touristy stuff here!   Off to make more memories!



We arrived at our pre-reserved campground (Conestoga Campground) in White Sulphur Springs, MT., after a VERY long driving day. We’ve learned that the GPS drive-times listed are for CARS, not RV’s.  Which made our trip much longer.

Anyway, we got a good nights sleep and up early for our trip to Yellowstone!  We were both so excited to see all the wildlife and Old Faithful.  Well, neither one happened.  It was so very hot out and both of us being sooo outta shape, after a few hours decided that this was going to have to be one of our ‘destination trips’ when we return from our 9-month tour and make a week-10 day trip of just Yellowstone.

Again, we hit one of the record-breaking HOT days and our drive to and from Yellowstone was over 2 hours each way.

We had to leave our fur babies in the A/C’d RV, (no doggies allowed) but being that far away on a HOT (did I say HOT), day we didn’t want anything to happen to them.

Our first night on the road. 8/8/18.

We wanted to cut our drive time down the first day and miss the Portland commute traffic so we decided to stay at the Camping World – Wilsonville parking lot on 8/8/18, which had to be one of the hottest nights in the Portland area – (so we had no electricity hooked up—yes, we had our generator, but when staying overnight in parking lots-the courtesy is not to use them or put your slides out). UGH long, HOT night little sleep!

Then we headed over to Cheney, WA (Ponderosa Falls RV Resort).  Very nice park!  Had mini golf, bike trails, pools, etc.36F23B66-CDED-462A-AD36-E9C3480C034A.jpeg


Our trip to California didn’t quite go as planned, but we got to Imperial Beach (IB) and shared time and wonderful memories with Mel and Tony, and got back in one piece.



On our way down we stopped in Myrtle Creek, OR for a rest stop.  Once back in the car (not even out of the parking lot), Stein (the car) started making this hollow-tube-sound.  Weren’t sure what it was, but decided to head on down and keep an ear out for any other noises.  Stopping in Medford, OR, to drop stuff of with the oldest son (Shaun), then onto younger son’s (Tom’s) to drop other things off to them…. Tom listened to the noise and said it was the Air Compressor that was making the noise.  Said we should be fine to get down to IB as long as we didn’t use the air conditioner.  So we decided again to continue.

Wow, what were we thinking??!!  California had record highs for the entire week we went down!  Going down on I-5, we were scorching HOT!! 106*!!!  Then we got stuck (dead stop) in traffic because of a car accident.

We took Stein into the Ford dealership for a new Air Compressor and $1400 later we have AIR!

We are back at Neskowin until Friday.  Friday we will move to Barview Jetty Park in Tillamook County for the annual fishing trip out of Garibaldi, OR.   Then Sunday, we will move to Olde Stone Village in McMinnville while Sterling’s other sister comes out from Kentucky to visit their dad (who is 98!)  Then we will be off across the northern states on our way toward the East coast!